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San Diego Chargers sign Veteran Offensive Guard-Center Rex Hadnot

Rex Hadnot is somewhere in there ...(#70)
Rex Hadnot is somewhere in there ...(#70)

Editor's Note: This was originally posted last night. Posting it to the top of the site just to make it visible again.

The Chargers announced earlier tonight that they reached an agreement with veteran Offensive Guard Rex Hadnot. I heard this news immediately after reading that newly-drafted Guard Johnnie Troutman will likely miss the entirety of his impending rookie season due to pre-existing injuries. So of course my first inclination was that this signing was to potentially fill the void left by a rookie who won't play at all this season. But Michael Ghelken tells us that's not the case.

No, Rex Hadnot was brought to the team not because of Troutman's injuries, but because of Tyronne Green's inexperience at guard. Hadnot has been in the league since 2004, just one year less than the recently-retired Kris Dielman, so we know he has the experience. Hopefully some of that experience rubs off on Green this year.

He was drafted by the Miami Dolphins, and played in 15 games in his rookie season, starting 7 of those games. His sophomore season was his breakout year where he was successful as a Left Guard in 13 games, and the final three at center when the starting center went down with an injury. His next two seasons were up-and-down and the Dolphins allowed him to walk in 2008.

He signed with the Cleveland in 2008, where he spent two seasons. Then spent another two seasons with the Arizona Cardinals.

Said Chargers GM AJ Smith:

He is coming in to strengthen our backup corps, and he will be in the mix for the open left guard spot ... That's heavy competition right there.

This apparently won't be the last of the Chargers veteran free-agent signings. The team is said to still be shopping for a nose tackle and cornerback, as well as a running back.