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Video Scouting Reports of San Diego Chargers 2012 Draft Class

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First, let's address 2013 NFL mock drafts. I think doing a mock draft a year in advance is a terrible idea, but people go crazy for them. Here's SB Nation's 2013 mock draft, which has the San Diego Chargers selecting CB Tyrann Mathieu and hints that the Bolts should've drafted a CB high in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Now, onto the business at hand. SB Nation has come out of the gates on fire with their YouTube channel over the last few months, and their coverage of the 2012 NFL Draft was no different. Here's the scouting reports they put together before the draft on the players the Chargers selected:

First Round - Melvin Ingram, OLB/DE

Second Round - Kendall Reyes, DT/DE

If Ingram, Brandon Taylor and Reyes can be close to as good in their rookie season in the NFL as they were in their final season in college, the Chargers should be able to compete to win the AFC West this year.