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BFTB After Dark: April 3, 2012

Is that a bro-hawk? Good god.  Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE
Is that a bro-hawk? Good god. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

I'll say this only once: If LaDainian Tomlinson had never been a San Diego Charger, I'd be okay with him being signed to the Chargers this offseason for a fair price. Got that? Good, now let's pretend I never said it.

LT landing back in San Diego is an awful idea. For one, he'd be trying to prove that he's still King Charger when he's not. It would cause issues in the locker room and the front office. Two, he would never be willing to take the veteran minimum that he's worth because 30+ RBs with no strength, balance or speed are a dime a dozen these days. At least he wouldn't be willing to take it from A.J. Smith. Three, he would be an awful mentor to Ryan Mathews.

Do you people know how sport superstars work? They're great because they're psychopaths. Michael Jordan was an inch away from being a serial killer. He probably still is. That's what makes them great and also what makes them God awful mentors or coaches or whatever. LT would get here and convince himself that he was better than Mathews. It would eat at him. After a change of possession, he'd slap Ryan on the ass and say "Go get 'em, kid. Oh, and try not to fumble." Why? Because he's a psychopath just like everyone else in the Hall of Fame that's not named Joe Montana (who, I think we can all agree, seems like a decent human being).

Let's never bring LT back. Please. And let's stop calling him LT like he revolutionized defense. His name is LaDainian. I'm calling him LD.

Your music video is after the jump (and totally rocks), as per usual. Comment on whatever you want below, but if it's the Padres exhibition game you might want to give Gaslamp Ball a try.

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