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San Diego Chargers Uniform Remains Unchanged

The Chargers will still look like this. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
The Chargers will still look like this. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
Getty Images

There was much buzz this morning as Nike, the new official manufacturer of NFL uniforms, unveiled the "new" uniform for each team.

Some teams, such as the Seattle Seahawks and Jacksonville Jaguars, had some pretty large changes made to their jerseys and helmets. Most teams, the San Diego Chargers included, essentially kept the same look:

Is it just me, or do the new uniforms make Ryan Mathews' thighs look even bigger?

As you can see, the 2012 Chargers will look pretty much the same as the 2011 Chargers in terms of the uniform. Until then, we'll continue to wait for the camo powder blue jersey.

Details on the performance enhancements associated with the new uniforms are after the jump.

  • LIGHTER - The Nike jersey and pant, wet or dry are lighter than previous versions
  • FLYWIRE TECHNOLOGY- Eliminates layers, reduces weight, and provides lockdown fit
  • ZONED MESH VENTILATION - Provides cooling zones for optimal thermoregulation
  • ZONED STRENGTH - High tenacity, stretch material, for light weight lockdown strength.
  • CUT FOR MOBILITY - Four-way stretch, hydrophobic materials enable range of motion wet or dry.
  • STRETCH TWILL NUMBERS - Four-way stretch even on numbering system
  • CUSTOMIZABLE BASELAYER PADDING - Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong baselayer with integrated lightweight, Deflex padding offering customizable flexible protection.
  • DEFLEX PADDING - Lightweight, flexible impact protection integrated into top "hit zone" areas
  • ALUMINUM D-RING BELT - Aircraft-grade aluminum D-ring belt reduces weight.