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5th Round: San Diego Chargers Select OG Johnnie Troutman

Johnnie Troutman #74 is in there somewhere. LOL.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Johnnie Troutman #74 is in there somewhere. LOL. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Penn State blocker is not exactly who many draft followers had in mind with this 5th round pick. The Chargers have been about drafting the best player available in each round, but this guy is off the radar. He was a 2 year starter at guard for the Nittany Lions and went to the Senior Bowl, but didn't stand out. I covered that school a few times over the last few years in my college football scouting and overlooked him.

Penn State has a reputation for producing good lineman and getting good production out of the running game. He's living somewhat off that reputation. At the Senior Bowl where he didn't stick, that isn't necessarily a bad thing since the defensive line talent was so good. It probably meant that he was average. He is very strong thought with good upper and lower body strength. His balance and technique need work to be able to handle NFL lineman however. He's also not the most athletic and would struggle in the second level or pulling. He does have good awareness, especially in the passing game, and keeps his head on a swivel. This helps him pick up blitzes well. Can also pick up assignments well in the run game. That can be hard to teach. Technique is easier to teach.

He's also got some character negatives. DUI and driving without a license chargers in 2011. Charged with criminal mischief on a recruiting trip in 2006. Lost his starting job during spring practice in 2010 after weight and classroom issues, but won it back.

This is certainly the least exciting pick the Chargers have made in this draft and is also the first to raise more questions than answers.

Johnnie Troutman

#74 / Guard / Penn St. Nittany Lions