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3rd Round: San Diego Chargers Trade Up and Select SS Brandon Taylor

Brandon Taylor  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Brandon Taylor (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It looks like the San Diego Chargers front office realized their need for a Strong Safety after all, as they traded up in the third round (giving up a 6th round pick) to make sure that they got SS Brandon Taylor our of LSU.

At 5'11", Taylor is a little small for a Strong Safety, but has a reputation for being a big hitter. He was projected as a 3rd round pick, so this is another good value pick for the Chargers. It seems like Taylor has had issues with whiffing on tackles and dropping potential interceptions, but these are things that can be fixed with good coaching.

Here's a bit of his scouting report from

Positives: A well-put-together athlete with a strong build. Plays fast and flies to the ball with accurate angles. Does a nice job using his eyes to read and react quickly. Smart, disciplined defender who makes plays on the ball and contesting throws. Physical hitter and aggressive tackler with natural strength and good timing. Intense competitor and team leader who had 33 career starts at strong safety in the SEC.

Weaknesses: Possesses a bit of a narrow frame, has only average speed and lacks the fluid body type and hips to quickly change direction. Doesn't look comfortable in reverse and can't be trusted in man coverage on an island -- sloppy transition and not explosive. Overaggressive and will miss tackle attempts. Needs to do a better job breaking down in space and using proper technique. Suspect anticipation and ball skills.

Taylor should be able to challenge Darrel Stuckey and Atari Bigby for the starting Strong Safety spot, and would make for a fine backup if he doesn't win the battle in training camp.

Brandon Taylor

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