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San Diego Chargers: Voluntary Offseason Workouts Begin Today

"Remember that play from April? Run that one."  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
"Remember that play from April? Run that one." (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I've yet to see this reported anywhere else (yet!) but, according to the CBA, voluntary offseason workouts begin today for teams with returning coaching staffs (which includes the San Diego Chargers).

The Bolts will get a 10-week window for their nine-week offseason programs. Programs cannot exceed four workouts per player in a week and they are limited to weekdays. These initial practices are entirely voluntary, with mandatory minicamps not starting until June.

There will be three phases to the workouts, all spelled out in the CBA. Phase one will cover the first two weeks, with players limited to strength and conditioning or injury rehab. This phase will only allow full-time or part-time strength and condition coaches onto the field that otherwise have no other coaching responsibilities. No footballs can be used, except that quarterbacks may elect to throw to receivers provided they are not covered by any other player. The players cannot wear helmets during phase one.

This means that Norv Turner and John Pagano (and other coaches) cannot be on the field giving instruction for the next three weeks. This is basically time for the strength and conditioning coaches to work the players into shape.

Phase two covers the next three weeks of the offseason workout program. All coaches are allowed onto the field and on-field workouts can include individual player instruction and drills. However, there can be no live contact or team offense versus team defense drills and players cannot wear helmets during this phase.

That will basically serve as three full weeks of walk-throughs, so that new players can catch up and old players can get re-acclimated.

Phase three covers the next four weeks of the workout program, which can include up to ten days of organized team activities. This provides a chance for more instruction and helmets, but players cannot wear any pads, including shells.

This is where the team will go from walk-throughs to run-throughs, with helmets on so that they get accustomed to what they'll see during a game.

If we're able to find any information or pictures from these voluntary workouts, which is doubtful, we'll pass them along.

UPDATE: No they don't. They start next Monday.