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BFTB After Dark: April 10, 2012

So, Bobby Petrino has been fired at Arkansas for hiring some girl that he had a romantic relationship with and then crashing a motorcycle with her on the back. Ozzie Guillen has been suspended for having an unpopular opinion about Fidel Castro. The whole world knows that Rex Ryan has a foot fetish.

Being a Head Coach is tough business on its own. Now mix in the fact that you have to be a saint, because everyone on the internet will be able to read through your dirty laundry and force the owner of your team to get rid of you for not being a saint if you slip up, and it has become even more difficult.

If we can give Norv Turner credit for anything, it is probably that he's never been a problem off the field and seemingly never will. The guy seems to be a loving husband and father of three, and his hobbies include breaking down video and fishing.

There are days when I wish that Norv was on Twitter saying ridiculous things and making promises about Super Bowl championships. Then I look at how wacky those situations gets and how sad the endings are, and I'm pretty happy that Norv is as boring as he is.

You should know how this up-all-night open thread works, so this will be your last reminder. Comment about whatever you want in the comments section. There's some music in video form waiting for you after the jump.

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