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High Boltage Radio: Free Agency and Franchise Tags

I know it has been a while since Steve Adler and I got behind the "microphone" and talked some San Diego Chargers football and, boy, we were rusty when we chatted last night about the use (or lack there of) of the franchise tag by certain NFL teams, the Chargers' free agent targets, holes on the roster and what the team might do in the draft.

You can listen here: HBR 3-7-2012

Steve and I spent a good amount of time drooling over the prospect of Mario Williams being a Charger in 2012, which is a viable option, but one thing I forgot to mention during our conversation is that my desire to see Reggie Wayne as the Chargers' replacement for Vincent Jackson is not nearly as strong as my desire to see Kendall Wright as San Diego's first-round draft pick.

My perfect offseason for the Bolts:

  1. Sign Mario Williams.
  2. Re-Sign Nick Hardwick, Jared Gaither, Antonio Garay and Jacob Hester.
  3. Sign a veteran backup RB (maybe Mike Tolbert) and a backup DE (maybe Luis Castillo) to split time with Vaughn Martin.
  4. Draft Kendall Wright to replace Jackson and then draft for depth (backup OG, d-line, another WR, secondary).
You can hear to how I came to that conclusion, and what Steve's thoughts are, in the podcast.