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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: March 8, 2012

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AFC West: Free-agency primer - Bill Williamson
The Chargers will be in decent shape and they are getting even better after cutting Luis Castillo, the retirement of guard Kris Dielman and the expected release of tackle Marcus McNeill. But San Diego still has a lot of work to do. They have the most priority free agents of any team in the division. Signing Jackson, Hardwick, Gaither, Tolbert and Garay will be a challenge.

Vincent Jackson free-agent primer - Bill Williamson
It would be a surprise if Jackson signs an extension with the Chargers before free agency begins Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET. Jackson has been looking forward to testing the open market for a long time.

Chargers aim to reload third-down defense - Christopher Smith
San Diego allowed opposing offenses to convert nearly half of their third-down tries in 2011, a figure the Chargers are determined to do something about this offseason.

PFF’s Top *75* Free Agents - Khaled Elsayed
3. Vincent Jackson, WR In terms of pure talent, Jackson has it in him to make a bigger impact than any other free agent. That talent will make you forget that he’s walking the suspension tight rope and a couple of sub-standard years (by his standards).

Your Favorite Team Doesn't Give A Damn About You - Justin Halpern
The Chargers have been in San Diego since 1961, and in that time they've established themselves as the Nicolas Cage of the NFL: Every 10 years they seem to pull it together and have a decent showing, but mostly they're just embarrassing to watch.

Aggressive Turkey Stalks and Terrorizes Detroit Woman Every Day - Samantha Grossman
What would you do if a neighbor were constantly lurking in your yard, waiting for you to leave your house and even, on occasion, physically assaulting you? Okay, now what if that neighbor were a turkey?