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Weekend Chargers Thoughts: John Pagano, Miracle Man

I'm sorry that I've been such a Negative Nancy about the San Diego Chargers lately. I understand that they've had a solid offseason thus far, but again I feel like the front office is going through the roster with blinders on.

Eddie Royal, Robert Meachem, Rosario Dawson, Le'Ron McClain....these guys will help the offense. However, I thought the offense was pretty good to begin with. Sure, they're losing Vincent Jackson, and these guys will probably keep the offense from dropping off without him....but the offense has never really been the problem on any team where Norv Turner was calling the plays.

Jarret Johnson will help the defense. I understand that. He's what they wanted Travis LaBoy to be last year, so now the plan of "white guy on the first two downs and Antwan Barnes on third down" might actually work. I still have my doubt about Atari Bigby getting anywhere near the defense. So, for me, the only difference I see for the team's Achilles heel (pass rush) is that Travis LaBoy (who was the white Antwan Applewhite) got replaced with a better Travis LaBoy.

The key to everything will be John Pagano. If he's as good of a Defensive Coordinator as people think that he will be, then the pass-rush will figure itself out. However, you can't rely upon that. I can't calm my nerves by saying "I know there's still no elite pass rusher on the team, but John Pagano will fix it!" He doesn't have a track record to support that, yet.

For the sake of the 2012 Chargers, here's to hoping that John Pagano is a miracle worker or that the Bolts strike gold in their selections in the draft.