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BFTB After Dark: March 30, 2012

Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE
Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE

You're wondering where the BFTB Video Mailbag is. Well, here's the scoop: It's coming. I tried making it last night, crediting each question to the person that asked it and answering it fully (but, I was hoping, quickly). The goal was the video to be about 3-4 minutes long. The camera stopped recording after 18 minutes because that's how much it can hold. I'm terrible at time management.

Tonight or tomorrow, I'm giving it another try. Some questions have been cut out. The answers have been shortened. I'm going to set a timer for 3 minutes and try to get through all of them before that time is up. We'll then working on getting up the video over the weekend, but it might not go up until Monday. Hope that's cool.

As always, the day's music video is after the jump and you can use the comments to talk about whatever you want.

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