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San Diego Chargers Re-Sign Antonio Garay to Two-Year Deal

After testing the free agency waters and finding them to be quite chilly, Antonio Garay has agreed to a two-year deal to stay with the San Diego Chargers. Garay, who turns 33 years old this season, will continue to split time with Cam Thomas as the Nose Tackles of John Pagano's 3-4 defense.

Antonio endeared himself to the San Diego fans over the last two years since coming out of relative obscurity to be one of the league's top Nose Tackles. He's been spotted driving around town (and on his Twitter) in a Hello Kitty-themed Smart Car, and his hairstyles (including his facial hair) seem to change by the hour.

This, of course, alleviates some of the pain of losing Luis Castillo (potentially) and keeps the Chargers from having to draft a Defensive Tackle early in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Details of Garay's two-year deal have yet to be released.

Antonio Garay

#71 / Defensive Tackle / San Diego Chargers



Nov 30, 1979

Boston College