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Remaining San Diego Chargers Free Agents

  (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
(Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
Getty Images

So, looking back at Wonko's post from Free Agency's kickoff, we can generate a list of former San Diego Chargers are still unrestricted free agents after the initial rush to sign players last week. Let's list them out:

  • Everette Brown, OLB
  • Luis Castillo, DE
  • Stephen Cooper, MLB
  • Patrick Crayton, WR
  • Na'il Diggs, MLB
  • Antonio Garay, DT
  • Tommie Harris, DT
  • Jacob Hester, FB
  • Dante Hughes, CB
  • Marcus McNeill, OT
  • Tony Moll, OG
  • Scott Mruczkowski, C
  • Paul Oliver, S
  • Nate Triplett, LB
  • Bryan Walters, WR
According to Silver Fox Columnist, the Chargers have about $6 million left in cap room. They can go over the cap now, but will need to get back under it before the start of the season, so it's possible that they would sign a few of these guys back.

After the jump, we knock out a few of the names above and take a vote on who should be San Diego's top priority to bring back for 2012.

Names to be ignored

  • Everette Brown - Was brought on as a project after a rash of injuries to Chargers LBs. He didn't do much, so he won't be brought back.
  • Stephen Cooper - I'd be shocked if he plays anywhere in 2012. The dude just can't stay healthy anymore.
  • Patrick Crayton - Crayton's in a weird stage of his career. As a veteran, teams need to pay the veteran minimum to sign him. However, he's probably not worth what the veteran minimum costs and is easily replaced by a rookie. Chargers aren't interested.
  • Na'il Diggs - Has been replaced by Demorrio Williams.
  • Marcus McNeill - He knows he can get a starting job somewhere, but there's none available in San Diego.
  • Tony Moll - I think Moll will be replaced in the draft.
  • Nate Triplett - Might have also been replaced by Demorrio Williams. The Chargers love these veteran LBs that can be backups and contribute on special teams, so it wouldn't surprise me to see Triplett stay in Southern California. However, those guys are easy to find elsewhere.
  • Bryan Walters - You mean the white Eddie Royal? Seriously, though, he serves no purpose on this team. Now it's time for him to go to the Dolphins and tear up the AFC West before being traded to the Patriots and becoming a Pro Bowler.

Remaining Candidates

  • Luis Castillo - He has a contract offer in hand from the Chargers, but spent the weekend being wined and dined by the New England Patriots.
  • Antonio Garay - Apparently he also has an offer in hand from the Chargers. Things have been slow-moving, though, as Garay seemingly waits for the market to come to him. No word on if he's visited or spoke with any other teams.
  • Tommie Harris - He'll probably look to see if he can get anything more than a 1-year deal for the veteran minimum. If he doesn't, he'll probably come back to the Chargers. Doesn't mean he'll survive preseason though.
  • Jacob Hester - Hester's one of those Nick Hardwick players that are more valuable to the Chargers than any other NFL team. With the signing of Le'Ron McClain, he's even less valuable in San Diego than he was. He'll try to catch on for the best contract out there, but I doubt it will be with the Chargers.
  • Dante Hughes - Hughes has done a good job in San Diego, but they like Shareece Wright and will probably want another rookie CB this year that they can keep inactive each week. Wait and see.
  • Scott Mruczkowski - The irreplaceable Christopher Smith tweeted this out yesterday and led some to believe that Mooch might get a chance to be the new starting LG for the Chargers (with Colin Baxter taking over as the backup Center). It wouldn't surprise me, and it probably means that Mooch is coming back for cheap.
  • Paul Oliver - With the signing of Atari Bigby, Paul Oliver seems like he's probably on his way out of San Diego for a second time. However, he could be kept around if the team doesn't trust Bigby or Darrell Stuckey to play FS.