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Tim Tebow Traded to NY Jets; Jets' QB Situation Remains Unimproved

"Hey Mark, can I come play with you guys next year? Pleeeeeeeaassse?!"
"Hey Mark, can I come play with you guys next year? Pleeeeeeeaassse?!"

Pop quiz: who was a worse QB than Mark Sanchez in the NFL last year? If you guessed Tim Tebow, congratulations! You can pick up your prize ... umm ... over there.

I bring this up because the New York Jets just brokered a trade with the Denver Broncos. The Jets will send the Broncos their 4th-and-6th-round draft picks this year, and in return, the Broncos send Tim Tebow and their 7th-round draft pick. I'm highly amused by the fact that the Broncos had to throw in a 7th-round draft pick to get the Jets to take Tebow. The same Tebow who just 2.5 months ago led the Broncos to playoff victory over a much better Steelers team.

The other thing that amuses me: picturing Tim Tebow sitting in Rex Ryan's locker room, having to endure every piece of profanity that comes out of Rex Ryan's mouth. We all know Rex Ryan, he loves his profane language. Man, if only HBO's Hard Knocks was following the Jets this year. It'd be awesome if they had just one cameraman assigned to be the "Tebow Cam" where they have a camera focused on his face any time Rex Ryan is speaking.

The Jets seem to be doing everything they can to light a fire under Sanchez's butt and make him fearful of this job. Tebow comes to the Jets just 12 days after they signed Sanchez to a 3-year extension, locking him up through 2016. And Tebow isn't the only QB the Jets brought in this year, they also have Drew Stanton and Greg McElroy on the team as backups, ready to take over for Sanchez. So the team is basically saying, "we want you to be here for 4 more seasons, but we just have no faith in you being any good in that time."

But, the Tebow trade actually makes a bit of sense for the Jets. Head Coach Rex Ryan likes keeping the ball on the ground, pounding it forward in the running game. And their new Offensive Coordinator is Tony Sporano, who you may remember is the coach who brought the Wildcat formation back to the NFL while he was head coach of Miami. So if the Jets are looking to run the Wildcat more often, they did pick up a decent piece to that puzzle.

But, who knows what the Jets are thinking with Tebow. Maybe they plan to bring him in, sit him down and tell him, "forget all this QB nonsense you have in your head. That dream is dead, over. You're a full-time fullback now. You will not be throwing the ball. If you even think about throwing the ball, you're on the bench for the next three games." And he'll just respond with "thank you for the opportunity, I can't wait to help this club win" or some other positive happy-feely bull like that.