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Chargers Release Backup QB Billy Volek

The Chargers have released the NFL's best backup Quarterback in Billy Volek. This certainly clarifies the Charlie Whitehurst signing a bit more. After I put up the Whitehurst story, it was found that Billy Volek had a $750k roster bonus coming to him next Thursday, so his 2012 Salary Cap hit would be $3.5 million. Seeing as how they were able to sign Whitehurst for $4 million over 2 years, Charlie will cost half of what Volek would cost this year.

Kevin Acee points out that when the Chargers traded Whitehurst to the Seahawks, they weren't comfortable with Charlie being the sole backup QB on the Chargers. Apparently having seen him start in the NFL and do okay, they're a bit more comfortable with him in the backup role now 2 years later.

Billy Volek has a strong following in San Diego, and we wish him well in wherever he ends up. He won a lot of fans in following the 2007 season when he took over for Philip Rivers against the Colts in the AFC Divisional playoff game, and led the Chargers to victory. Billy turns 36 next month, so he's certainly on the tail end of his career. He could certainly be in demand amongst other teams, but with the Chargers needing the cap space, he just became a bit too expensive here in San Diego.

We wish Billy the best wherever he ends up.