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Oakland Raiders release Kamerion Wimbley, don't get your hopes up

Hopefully he leaves the division so we can see less of this.
Hopefully he leaves the division so we can see less of this.

In a move that surprises, well, no one, the Oakland Raiders have notified linebacker Kamerion Wimbley he has been released. The Raiders are doing everything they can to shed or restructure big contracts in an effort to give themselves some room under the salary cap. The team had been hoping to restructure Wimbley's contract this week but neither side could come to an agreement, so they released him before his $17.5 million in guaranteed money was set to kick in today.

Wimbley has been on Chargers fans' radar ever since it came out that Wimbley could/should/would be released since he's a legitimate pass rusher and fills one of the Chargers' top needs. Here's the thing: the Chargers more than likely won't even make a play for him, let alone sign him. There are plenty of other teams out there with more cap room than the Chargers have right now and will be willing to throw more money his way than the Chargers can afford.

With the exception of Jarret Johnson, it seems the Chargers have focused primarily on addressing the Offense in Free Agency. A Pass Rusher is a distinct need for this team, but they seem content addressing it through the draft — where they presumably could get more value for the money — instead of getting into a bidding war for the few legit pass–rushing free–agents this year.