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Twitter Roundup: San Diego Chargers Sign OLB Jarret Johnson

The reaction around these parts to the signing of Jarret Johnson has been almost unanimously positive, but is that the general consensus? Today we'll delve into the tweets of Ravens fans, supposed experts and supposed Chargers fans to get a feel for how the rest of the community views the deal (also for some laughs because some people are hilariously stupid). I hope you get something out of it. I need a shower.

The Pros

"Another signing ... LB Jarret Johnson, former starting LB for Ravens agrees to 4-yr contract. Gotta like this one for the defense." - Bill Johnston

"Jarret Johnson a signing that won't impress most fans but will coaches." - Michael Gehlken

"First impressions of Jarret Johnson are overwhelming positive. Seems like a standup guy, excited about this new opportunity." - Scott Bair

"Jarret Johnson has 20 sacks past 7 seasons, just 2.5 in '11. But he's guy Ravens dropped into coverage. Went after QB WAY less than Suggs." - Kevin Acee

"OK, good glue guy for the defense in Jarret Johnson. Nice pickup. Sure feels like your typical #Chargers offseason. Not a pass rusher." - Craig Elsten

"Jarret Johnson may be the best LB in football at setting the edge vs the run. Specialist, but a great one" - Pro Football Focus

"Meet new @chargers LB Jarret Johnson. He joined the show a few minutes ago. Podcast:" - Ben Higgins

"Chargers yourself a favor and Google Jarret Johnson Hines Ward. Good stuff!" - Ted Mendenhall

"Jarret Johnson to the Chargers? Great move, and big loss for the Ravens. Like Red Bryant, a very underrated D-lineman who does many things." - Doug Farrar

"Further proof that Jarret Johnson is a good signing for the Chargers -- the number of Ravens fans now telling me that he sucks. :-)" - Doug Farrar

The Ravens Fans

"Damn Jarret Johnson will definitely be missed, dude's a beast, underrated." - L.C. Sanders

"How the heck did the #BaltimoreRavens lose Jarret Johnson 2 the Chargers?!?!? Come on now! Gettin frustrated wit the front office!" - Kenitho Martin

"UGH, noooooooo, i don't want Grubbs and Jarret Johnson to go!#Ravens" - Lisa

"Congrat's to former #Ravens Jarret Johnson on his new LB gig in San Diego. Glad he'll still be able to cheer for Baltimore in the Playoffs." - BC

"If jarret johnson leaves due to free agency, i really want him to go down as one of the best linebackers Baltimore has ever seen#underrated" - Jesse Rockhill

"Jarret Johnson you are one of the greatest and @Ravens nation will never forget." - Wayne Haviland

"Very upset about the Jarret Johnson signing with San Diego. One of my all time favorite #Ravens." - Brett Hollander

"Jarret Johnson is no longer a raven. I hated typing that." - Ryan Cluney

The Chargers Fans

"I knew this dirty BS artist AJ would do this. I knew it.Gets our hopes up again for nothing. How do we even win 5-6 games this year" - Ron Collins

"and i like the jarret Johnson signing." - Ron Collins

"Jarret Johnson, are you FREAKING kidding me" - Tim Kim

"Glad the Chargers re-signed Gaither...but Jarret Johnson is who?" - Ben Abernathy

"So far we picked up Jarret Johnson and Robert Meachem! Not Bad A.J!!! I'm lovin the progress!" - Charlie Mack

"Jarret Johnson!! He'll yeah! I had thought AJ would like him, dude is a beast & is going to be a leader on the field. Great pick up Bolts!" - Christopher Reed

"well th chargers are getting off a good start ,I know they still need help in back line but we are getting their ,I just want 2 see them be # 1 and win,win,in,win the AFC title and 2 th super win so they wlll their Rings .ChargerersBay" - Deirdre Farrelly (Facebook comment)

The Other Fans

"As a Steelers fan I'm pretty excited the Ravens lost Jarret Johnson today. Thanks, Chargers!" - Brandon Palermo

""@AdamSchefter: Chargers announced they signed former Ravens outside linebacker Jarret Johnson." The Colts really messed this one up." - Jake Leicht