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San Diego Chargers Re-Sign OT Jared Gaither

About 30 seconds after writing about the Chargers updated cap space, that post is apparently now irrelevant. That's okay though, because this happened:

I'm assuming, from the "Cali", "Daygo" and "#BOLTUP" in that tweet means that the Chargers and Gaither have agreed to a contract that will keep Jared in San Diego as Marcus McNeill's replacement as the starting Left Tackle.

Our buddy Michael Ghelken chimed in with what details are out there....

Four-year contract is good for two reasons. One, it's the perfect length. You're not investing a ton into Gaither, but he's not gone in a year or two. Second, it allows you to push his guaranteed money back a couple of years and potentially leave lots of cap room for this offseason.