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Chargers Sign WR Robert Meachem to 4-year Contract

Details are scarce at the moment, but what seemed like a done deal in Buffalo earlier has turned into the Chargers replacing recently-departed Wide Receiver Vincent Jackson with former first-round pick Robert Meachem. Meachem, as many of you know, has spent the last 5 seasons in New Orleans catching passes from Drew Brees (well, only catching passes for 4 of those seasons).

This gives AJ Smith and the Chargers a chance to work with someone they originally targeted in the 2007 draft when they selected Buster Davis. Meachem was selected three spots before Buster, and it's known the team liked him even back then. Seeing as how former Chargers have fit in well in the Saints system, let's hope Meachem can be just as successful.

So one WR leaves, and another replaces him. So Meachem is averaging about $6.25 million a year, just over half the money Vincent Jackson just got in Tampa Bay. This may leave just enough money to play with that the Chargers can also steal Mario Williams out of the Bills' clutches, and re-sign Gaither to a decent contract. Who knows, maybe it's just wishful thinking.