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Open Thread: Super Bowl, New York Giants vs. New England Patriots

Maybe Eli Manning was right all along. Maybe Archie Manning saw that A.J. Smith's big ego would keep the team from ever reaching the Super Bowl, or maybe he spoke with team doctors and realized that they were terrible. The race is still relatively tight, but I think you'd have to say that Eli working a trade to the New York Giants (who undoubtedly were telling him that they would trade for him if given the opportunity) because the San Diego Chargers' organization was a mess seems to have benefited him greatly.

My prediction for this game is another Giants victory, and the start of a great rivalry where Bill Belichick and Tom Brady spend the rest of their respective careers hoping to finally beat the Giants in the Super Bowl. Here's a fun little stat that someone might throw out in the future if the Giants win tonight: The Patriots have not won a Super Bowl since Eli's rookie season.

However, my prediction is not based on Eli Manning (who is interchangeable with Ben Roethlisberger to me), but the fact that Tom Brady has been stopped by elite pass-rushes before. Also, the Giants' WRs have to be one of (if not the) best groups in the league at the moment. Victor Cruz cannot be stopped on 3rd downs, and one of the trio is going for a 60+ yard TD each game. How do you beat that?

Anyway, should be a good game. Comment on it and the commercials in the comments section below.