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Follow Tuesday: Win a Free San Diego Chargers Keychain

Your keyring looks a little lonely these days. You know what would spruce it up? Adding a cool San Diego Chargers keychain into the mix. That way, if you happen to pass by an Oakland Raiders fan while you have your keys out, he knows that the two of you are enemies. Useful, right?

Our buddies over at Wholesale Keychain want to get that Bolts keychain in your hand. Their keychains are top-notch. How would I know this? They sent me one of their San Diego Chargers keychains almost three years ago (the bottle-opener one), and it still looks as new as the day I opened the package.

This time, they've sent over one of these teardrop keychains for me to give away at my discretion. Here's how I've decided to do it, in a way that's most fair to everyone...

The Contest

First, you have to have Twitter for this contest. I know, I know, not everyone has it but you should. You can create one for this contest if you'd like.

Second, you have to follow the Bolts from the Blue twitter account.

Third, much like people do on "Follow Friday", you have to tweet out a recommendation to your followers that they also follow our twitter account. However, since it's not Friday, feel free to put a #FollowTuesday or #FT hashtag at the end of your tweet.

That's it! Everyone who tweets out a "Follow Tuesday" to their followers will get their names thrown into a hat, which I will not be eating, and one will be chosen at random to have the $9.99 keychain (plus shipping and handling) sent to them for free.