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Chuck Pagano Hires Greg Manusky to be Defensive Coordinator for Colts

Chuck Pagano, who was hired as the Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts last week, has started to assemble his coaching staff and has decided that Greg Manusky is the best candidate to be his Defensive Coordinator.

Despite the fact that Manusky has done a poor job as coordinator for the Chargers (in 2011) and the 49ers (2007-2010) before that, his defense played really well against the Ravens late in the season when Baltimore wasn't able to stop the San Diego Chargers' offense. This game, paired with Manusky being familiar with the 3-4 defense and the incredibly thin coaching market, played at least a part in Pagano's decision.

As I stated when Chuck first got the job and some people asked if he would try and recruit his brother John Pagano (currently the Defensive Coordinator for the Chargers), Manusky will essentially be the Assistant Defensive Coordinator in Indianapolis. Chuck Pagano was brought in to run his defense, not to run Manusky's. Sometimes, as we've seen with Wade Phillips, it's hard to be both DC and Head Coach.

Oh, and since this might be the last time we can use this, here is the image that BFTB Staff Member creanium made to express how Greg Manusky looked/felt on the sidelines for the Chargers most weeks.