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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: February 2, 2012

Helping children pushes Philip Rivers - Bill Williamson
Even though San Diego Chargers’ season may have ended in disappointment for Rivers and his teammates, the Pro Bowl quarterback has definitely earned his ticket to Indianapolis. Rivers will be in the spotlight Saturday night when he is a finalist for the NFL Man of the Year award.

Chargers Free Agency Shopping List: Michael Griffin - Ernie Padaon
This off-season, our biggest priority is to get some play makers on the defensive side of the ball. We are mainly looking for pass rushers and safeties. Let’s look into the possibility of Tennessee Titan free agent safety Michael Griffin.

Rivers discusses Pro Bowl-effort stir - Bill Williamson
"Again, it’s the fine line," Rivers said. "You want to see effort, but if those big ole boys like Jared Allen or Justin Smith kept coming hard at me, I might be like 'easy, slow down, slow down' (laughing). … In the end, I think it can be adjusted some, but it’s a great week for everyone involved and it’s a positive experience for the fans over in Hawaii."

Rivers: 'it's about community' - Christopher Smith
"It’s humbling," Rivers said. "I think San Diego can be proud because particularly with this foundation, it’s really a community effort. "When we first got started, it really wasn’t about us re-inventing the wheel. We’ve partnered with a lot of groups that had been tackling this way before we had."

Chargers develop young special teams corps - Darren Feeney
"The first thing you want to do is always make sure you’re secure with the ball and you’re not giving up plays and field position because you’re mishandling the ball," Turner said. "Then the next thing is: are you making plays that can impact the game? Game-changing plays?"

Sports City Logos - LobShots
I don’t even know what to make of this… my mind is spinning. I know there have to be tons of errors, but I’m so overwhelmed by it all, I can’t even spend the time to process them. Pretty creative, regardless. Some are rad. Some are hideous. Bums me out that the San Diego one sucks.

NFL Draft: All-Star game risers - West Bunting
DT Alameda Ta'amu: Washington (6-3, 337) This was a guy a lot of talent evaluators started souring on during the regular season. As he had a tendency to get high on contact and didn’t do a great job using his hands vs. the run game. However, he’s got a good first step for his size, displays imposing power at the point of attack and looks like a guy who can anchor the inside of a 34 front at the next level to me.

Blueprint of a Champion - Tommy Deas
"The amount of detail they put into their program and the amount of detail that's in each little thing — it goes down to sleeping habits, it goes down to eating right, not just working out and doing your playbook," Reamer said. "It's got everything you could ever dream of that you could go through. It tells you every little detail you need to know."

Patriots' Green-Ellis has secret to not fumbling - Les Carpenter
"I do believe this, 90 percent of it is mental!" LSU running backs coach Frank Wilson cries into his phone. "You can make yourself not fumble the ball!"

Dinosaur Comics - February 1st, 2012 - awesome fun times!
Take your current age and sextuple it. The odds of you being dead at that point are, how do I put this, "nontrivial".