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A Love Letter to Gaslamp Ball

If you're a San Diego Chargers fan, and I'm led to believe that you are, there is a good chance that you're also a San Diego Padres fan. These two teams go together like sriracha and anything.

Now, as a Padres fan, you're also either a masochist or have a tremendous sense of humor. Our buddies over at Gaslamp Ball, who show up around these parts from time to time, know that laughter is the best medicine and therefore is way more important than silly stats or actual game recaps.

In addition, the community at GLB cannot be topped. It's a large(-ish) group of creative, loving, mostly anti-social people that come together through their shared foolish hope for the Padres. The group grows annually, but many people have been checking the site daily for years and because of that there are some inside jokes. Because of that, and because they're always welcoming new members, they've created this handy-dandy Wiki to get you caught up on everything from dolphin porn to which umpires have screwed the Padres over in the past.

When I took over BFTB, my goal was to emulate GLB. I wanted BFTB to be a nonstop riot of funny posts and a tight-knit community. Unfortunately, Chargers fans don't typical possess that beaten-down-fan sense of humor, so it hasn't happened. Also, I'm not half as funny as jbox or Dex. But with baseball season on the horizon and football season still 6 or so months away, my shortcomings should be of no worry to you. Go enjoy GLB this season, it's an amazing place, and we'll work on making BFTB more fun next year. Or the year after. Whatever.