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San Diego Chargers Will Lose: Pittsburgh Steelers

Three reasons why the San Diego Chargers will lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.


Ben Roethlisberger

Say all you want about his off-field antics, Ben Roethlisberger is probably headed to the Hall of Fame. At 30 years old, he has two Super Bowl rings and has more passing yards, a higher completion percentage, a higher QB rating and higher almost-everything-else than Terry Bradshaw (more sacks, less TDs, less INTs, etc.). In fact, Big Ben might be Terry Bradshaw reincarnated...and this was shaping up to be his best season until he was injured against the Kansas City Chiefs in mid-November.

The Steelers, who are 7-5, went 1-2 without Roethlisberger. That means that, in 2012, they are 6-3 with him. Wait, it gets better. The Steelers are 4-0 at home this season with Roethlisberger and 0-1 at home without him. This would all be fantastic news for people rooting for the San Diego Chargers to win, except that Roethlisberger returns to face the Chargers in Pittsburgh on Sunday. Which is great news for people who are rooting for the San Diego Chargers to lose.

Mike Wallace

You know Mike Wallace. Might be the fastest guy in the entire league? Really good Wide Receiver? Well, anyway, that guy will be going up against ol' cement-footed Quentin Jammer and special-teams-savant Corey Lynch. That's probably a little hard on Lynch, but you get the point. Their best will be going up against the weakest part of the Chargers defense. If that doesn't result in at least one big play for Wallace, I will be surprised.

Philip Rivers

Let's be honest, Rivers is working more against San Diego than for San Diego at this point. I may or may not be starting at Left Tackle on Sunday, protecting El Capitan's blindside from James Harrison. That can only make things worse.

In his career, with a good offensive line, Rivers has 5 TDs against the Steelers in 3 games. He also has 4 turnovers (3 INTs, 1 lost fumble) in those games. Can't imagine those numbers getting any better.