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Dean Spanos Responds to Kevin Acee's Report

Straight from the horse's mouth (in this scenario, Dean Spanos is a horse)

There is only one person in this organization who will make those decisions and that’s me, and I haven’t shared my thoughts with anyone. I will make my evaluations at the end of the season. Anything coming out now – from sources or otherwise – is pure speculation.

Hmmmm. Quite the denial. Not that Acee is wrong, but just that he's speculating. Apparently, Dean hasn't let anybody know of what his plans are. In fact, he may not even have plans! He's not planning on evaluating the team until after the season, because the next four (meaningless) games factor large in whether or not he will retain A.J. Smith as General Manager or Norv Turner as Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers.

I know the silence must've seemed deafening, but this statement really doesn't seem to accomplish what Dean was hoping that it would.