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REPORT: Chargers Will Fire Norv Turner and A.J. Smith at the End of the Season

A report from Kevin Acee says that Dean Spanos has already set the wheels in motion for the firing of both the Chargers Head Coach and General Manager.


Kevin Acee, who probably isn't being ghost-written by A.J. Smith, is reporting that the San Diego Chargers will fire both their Head Coach (not a surprise) and their General Manager (kind of a surprise) at the end of the season.

Spanos is waiting until after the season, more because that is his preferred time to make such moves than due to any faith in the Chargers' microscopic playoff chances.

It is not known who will take over for Turner, but current Director of Player Personnel Jimmy Raye is the apparent replacement for Smith. Raye, who has been with the Chargers for 17 seasons, will ascend to a job much like Smith's but with his new right-hand man being the owner's son, John Spanos.


Oh. I've never been a huge Jimmy Raye fan (although I admittedly know very little about his personnel decisions), but I suppose I'm willing to give him a chance. However, that's certainly not the "fresh start" that many were hoping would come along with Smith's head.

Here's to the next four games, the last four games of the "A.J. and Norv Era". It will be as it always was: awkward.