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Which San Diego Charger Has the Best Nickname?

A list of the known and accepted nicknames for the current San Diego Chargers. Pick your favorite one or come up with a new one!

This guy needs a nickname.
This guy needs a nickname.

Gillette is running a weekly poll on their Facebook page. This week's question is "Who has the best nickname in the NFL?" Go here to vote on that poll.

That poll made me wonder....who has the best nickname on the current San Diego Chargers roster? Here's a list of the ones that I was able to remember off the top of my head.

Philip Rivers = El Capitan (pretty sure BFTB created that)

Cam Thomas = Baby Godzilla

Malcom Floyd = M80

Donald Butler = The Butler

Melvin Ingram = Supa Melvin

Shaun Phillips = SP95

Charlie Whitehurst = Clipboard Jesus

Ladarius Green = Pee Wee

Jared Gaither = The Big Lazy

Ladainian Tomlinson (still currently on the Chargers roster!) = LT

Vincent Brown = VJ

Danario Alexander = DX

Jonas Mouton = The Assassin

Richard Goodman = Goody/Goodie

Look, I'm not here to tell you fans how to do your job, but a large majority of those nicknames are just awful. In the comments below, either pick your favorite nickname from above or come up with a new one for a player that doesn't yet have a nickname.

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