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San Diego Chargers: Ajirotutu and Molk to IR, Baxter and Schilling Signed

The injuries keep on piling up for the San Diego Chargers' receivers and offensive line. Luckily, a few old faces are back to fill the gaps.


The San Diego Chargers were one of the healthier teams in the league through the first half of the season, but they're certainly doing their damnedest to try and catch up now. Today they announced that Seyi Ajirotutu and David Molk, two guys that have played roles this season only because of other injuries to receivers and the offensive line, have been added to the Injured Reserve list and will not play again in 2012.

Filling their empty roster spots are two on-again, off-again and now back on-again offensive linemen. Colin Baxter will play the role of backup Center and Guard, with Rex Hadnot being called to be a starter again this week. The team never really settled on if they wanted Schilling to be a Guard (where he started two games for the Chargers in 2011) or a Tackle, but he'll likely be starting at one of the Tackle positions on Sunday against the Steelers.