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Game Thread: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers, Second Half

After starting the game off with a kickoff return TD, the San Diego Chargers hold a 17-7 lead over Terrelle Pryor and the oakland Raiders at halftime.


I have to be honest, in his first NFL start, Terrelle Pryor has looked very good against the San Diego Chargers. Good enough that the Raiders coming back and winning this game should be a real concern.

Luckily for San Diego, Pryor doesn't play defense for the Oakland Raiders. The Chargers offense, which doesn't seem to have much talent left at all, is slicing through the Raiders defense as if it were a Pop Warner team's defense. Mostly because it's about as good as one.

If Oakland can fix their defense, they'll have a good chance at a comeback. However, with this being a game more about the future of the franchise than actually winning today, the Raiders don't really care whether or not they do win this one.