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Open Thread: Giants at Redskins, Monday Night Football

Robert Griffin III welcomes the New York Giants to Washington D.C. for a Monday night showdown.


Have you watched Robert Griffin III play yet? You should. Personally, I think he's the most exciting QB I've ever seen play. He always seems to be the fastest guy on the field, not to mention the calmest (especially in big pressure situations), and I'd argue that he has the strongest arm in the entire league (and is quite accurate as well). He's able to beat any team at any time, and tonight he'll have a chance to beat the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.

Earlier this season, RG3 had a great game against the Giants in New Jersey but could not will his team to victory. The Redskins lost by a score of 27-23. Now, in Washington, things are hopefully a bit more even.

If you can't watch this game on TV, use the Dial Global station finder to find the radio station that's carrying the game in your area.