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San Diego Chargers Weekly Poll Question: Will the Chargers win another game this year?

It's obvious at this point that the Chargers won't be making the playoffs, but there is some question as to whether or not they'll finish 4-12.


Following yesterday's millionth consecutive 4th Quarter collapse, the San Diego Chargers are almost mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. There's a way they could get in that involves literally everything going right, but we're not going to bother with such fantasies. Instead, today we ask, "will the Chargers win another game?"

It's funny to think how far the Chargers have fallen since the start of the season that we're asking that question with four games against relatively weak competition left and I actually expect most of you to say "no." The Steelers game is all but a lock to end in a loss, but the Panthers, Jets and Raiders are really bad football teams who can lose to anyone.

Some fans are actually rooting for the Chargers to lose out. They're thinking that long term it's better to lose now and get higher draft picks next year. Do remember, by the way, that all of the team's draft picks are higher. There's a difference between the 33rd pick and the 64th pick almost as much as there is between the 1st and 32nd. The difference, of course, is that we're looking at higher quality players on average in the 1st round, but don't discount the value of high 2nd rounders and high 3rd rounders.

The Chargers are a bad football team this year and they now stand a very good chance of losing out. It won't be fun to watch if they do, but maybe it will make them more fun to watch in 2013 and on.

Don't forget to vote in the poll and let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments.