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Injury Report: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers

Some star players will be missing Week 17's matchup between the Chargers and Raiders, including Carson Palmer. College football star Terrelle Pryor will get his first NFL start in Palmer's place.

Cary Emondson-US PRESSWIRE

San Diego Chargers

Donald Butler, LB (groin)

Ronnie Brown, RB (hamstring)

Takeo Spikes, LB (hamstring)
Demorrio Williams, LB (ankle)
Shareece Wright, CB (shoulder)

Shareece Wright sure does get injured a lot for a guy that barely gets on the field. That has to work against any plans to make the kid a starting Cornerback in 2013.

Also, with injuries to the top 3 Inside Linebackers and nothing to play for, is there a chance that Jonas Mouton is healthy and actually gets some defensive snaps? No. Not, there isn't.

Oakland Raiders

Philip Adams, CB (groin)
Carson Palmer, QB (ribs)

Tyvon Branch, S (neck, ankle)
Mike Brisiel, G (concussion, ankle)

David Ausberry, TE (knee)
Khalif Barnes, T (triceps)
Miles Burris, LB (knee)
Jack Crawford, DE (toe)
Juron Criner, WR (hip)
Brandon Myters, TE (shoulder)

The Chargers went ahead and IRed guys that they didn't expect to play this week (Aubrayo Franklin and Brandon Taylor). That makes sense, since it's not like they're going to get healthy in a week or two and you won't be able to play them. The question is....why didn't the Raiders do the same thing? Adams, Palmer and (arguably) Branch won't play, but they'll be taking up roster spots. That seems cheap or lazy or something.

Raiders Head Coach Dennis Allen announced a couple of hours ago that Terrelle Pryor will be his starter in this game, with Matt Leinart only getting snaps if Pryor plays really, really, really poorly. That should make the game more competitive and entertaining.