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Who is the San Diego Chargers' 2012 Offensive MVP?

The San Diego Chargers offense has been poor this season, but it's time to pick an MVP of the unit anyway.


The big debate heading into the playoffs is which player should be MVP, which should be Offensive Player of the Year and which should be Comeback Player of the Year. Despite J.J. Watt's best efforts, those three awards will probably be going to either Peyton Manning or Adrian Peterson.

The question that Gillette wants to know is who you think is the Offensive MVP of the season, and your answer should probably be either Peterson or Manning.

SB Nation did a vote of blog managers, myself included, for all of the NFL's year end awards. Peyton Manning won the MVP Award and Adrian Peterson won the Offensive Player of the Year award, so that won't really help you to determine which of these should win a vote for the league's offensive MVP.

A more interesting question, since we are a San Diego Chargers community, is who the offensive MVP for the Chargers was this season? Sure, the offense was poor, but if they had to vote for an MVP....who would it be? Put your answers (and reasons) in the comments below.