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2013 Pro Bowl: Zero San Diego Chargers Invited

After another subpar year, the Chargers are finally a team without a Pro Bowler. However, the voting process is so backwards that it may not mean much that they've missed out.

Stephen Dunn

Hey, everyone. Things have been a little dead today due to yesterday being Christmas, a day in which Santa Claus was nice enough to give to me the flu. However, the NFL doesn't stop moving just because we do, and today they announced their Pro Bowl rosters.

Contrary to years past, when the San Diego Chargers often had a handful of players going to the Pro Bowl even when the team was due to miss the playoffs, zero Chargers have been invited to Hawai'i to participate in the event. That has to hurt A.J. Smith's chances to remain the team's GM in 2013.

Players on the roster that probably deserved a invitation include Eric Weddle, Mike Scifres and....well, that's probably it. Darrell Stuckey maybe could've made it as a special teams player, but missing the last few weeks on Injured-Reserve probably took him out of the running for that.

The Kansas City Chiefs, who are due to have the #1 pick in next year's draft because they will (probably) have the worst record in the NFLthis season, are sending 5 players to the Pro Bowl. The Green Bay Packers are sending a backup offensive linemen.

I think that maybe it's time to take the Pro Bowl voting out of the hands of fans, or remove Pro Bowl bonuses from NFL player contracts. This year seems to be the best example as to why.