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Game Thread: San Diego Chargers at New York Jets, First Half

The 5-9 San Diego Chargers head to New Jersey to face the 6-8 New York Jets in a matchup of teams that have already missed the playoffs.

Chris Trotman

It's meaningless game time!

Neither the San Diego Chargers, nor the new York Jets (their opponent today), nor the Oakland Raiders (their opponent next week) have any chance at making the playoffs...but the games will still be played! How fun!

Fans are expecting the Bolts to play many of the younger players on the roster that have. As per usual the team is working real hard to disappoint the fans, as Jonas Mouton, Ladarius Green, Edwin Baker and Mike Willie are all inactive for the game against the Jets. That means we can expect to see a lot of Takeo Spikes, Robert Meachem, Curtis Brinkley, Randy McMicheal and a bunch of other players that we already know how good/bad they are.

Oh, well. I guess we can still hope for a good game from Brandon Taylor that we can then point to when he's benched in favor of Atari Bigby next season.