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San Diego Chargers Will Lose: New York Jets

Three reasons why the San Diego Chargers will lose to the New York Jets on Sunday.



Usually, when you do things like start your Pro Bowl QB in a meaningless Week 16 game against a team that has just as little to gain (or lose) than your squad, karma has a way of tell you not to do that.


So, while it's great that Brandon Taylor is the starting Strong Safety and that some of the "kids" might get more playing time than they normally do, the fact that the San Diego Chargers are the only team in this game to be playing their #1 (or #2) QB pretty much guarantees that something horrific will happen to El Capitan.

The Usual Reasons

The Chargers have to travel all the way from southern California to New Jersey to play in an earlier time slot than they're normally accustomed to, in a time zone that's three hours earlier than what they're normally accustomed to, and the temperature is expected to be in the 30s.

What Offense?

San Diego's offensive line is in a shambles after a string of injuries. That probably won't help it's running game, which is in a shambles after a string of injuries. I guess the burden then falls on the receivers, where the #1 target was sitting on his couch in the middle of the season and nobody knows who the #2 WR will be (because Malcom Floyd is on IR).

Are you starting to see why it may be difficult for the Chargers to put up any points against the New York Jets?