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San Diego Chargers Blow Another Halftime Lead, lose to Cincinnati Bengals

After being up 13-10 at halftime, the Chargers' offense disappeared in the second half and San Diego lost to the Bengals by a score of 20-13.

Donald Miralle

Well, that settles it. The San Diego Chargers once again built up a lead at halftime and ended up losing the game due to offensive incompetence. Whatever is wrong with the offense this season seems to get much worse in the second half of games.

The defense actually played well. They forced 3 turnovers from the Bengals and allowed just 10 points each half. With a good offense, that would've been enough to win the game. However, injuries to the offensive line put Philip Rivers in an unstable position every time he dropped back and the running game barely existed at all (that much is proven by the fact that Norv called 54 pass plays and just 9 run plays).

Philip Rivers found a way to make it work in the first half, starting the game with 9 consecutive completions. He finished the game completing less than 55% of his passes and turning the ball over twice (1 fumble lost, 1 interception).


The Chargers now sit at 4-8 with 4 games left to go in the season. Making the playoffs is essentially impossible, with the Steelers(7-5) and Colts (8-4) holding big leads for the two Wild Card spots. It's time to give up on this team, play the kids (what better way to evaluate Brandon Taylor and Jonas Mouton than to play them in the game?) and hope for the best possible draft pick in 2013.