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VOTE: Who Do You Want as the Next Chargers Coach?

With the news that David Shaw is staying at Stanford, we update our list of potential Chargers Head Coaches and ask you to vote on which one you'd be happiest to get.

Win McNamee

This week's Gillette "No Debate" question is 'Which coach would you be more comfortable with leading your team in to the playoffs, and why?' You can vote on their Facebook page here.

Around these parts, that question doesn't matter because the San Diego Chargers won't even sniff the playoffs in 2012. However, with today's news that Stanford Head Coach David Shaw has agreed to a long-term extension with the Northern California school, it may be time update our options for the next Head Coach of the Chargers.

You can refresh your memory of Jeff's excellent piece on available coaches here. Here was the final list (in order) that Jeff came up with of who he wanted as the next Chargers' Head Coach:

  1. David Shaw
  2. Mike McCoy
  3. Chip Kelly
  4. Bill O'Brien
  5. Pete Carmichael
  6. Hue Jackson
  7. Greg Roman
  8. Jay Gruden
Personally, I would like to add Kyle Shanahan and Josh McDaniels back to that list to make for 9 "available" candidates. So, let's vote!