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San Diego Chargers Place Malcom Floyd, Reggie Wells and Ryan Mathews on Injured-Reserve

With two meaningless games left to play, the San Diego Chargers placed three played on injured-reserve.

Donald Miralle

The San Diego Chargers are playing out the season because....I don't know, I guess they have to. Someone reserved the stadium, people bought tickets, the players are getting paid...might as well make them tackle some people.

Anyway, the final two games of the season are useless for the Bolts. They can't make the playoffs and they can't even spoil anyone's playoff hopes because the Jets and Raiders are just as mathematically eliminated as the Chargers are. Keeping this in mind, the following news means nothing.


I had no idea that Malcom Floyd was injured, but he should be commended for lasting 14 games without an injury. Considering there's just two weeks left, and he's an integral part of the offense, it's possible that the team is putting him on IR with a minor injury that they don't think he'll return in time from or don't want to push him to try.

Reggie Wells has been a pretty solid contributor in his few weeks in San Diego, so it's sad to see him go. Hopefully Jeromey Clary and Mike Harris are both back and ready to play this week, but if they aren't it doesn't really matter.

UPDATE: Mike Willie and Damik Scafe have been signed to the active roster, filling two of the three available roster spots.