Fantasy Island Christmas Special.

Good Evening folks, I'm Bing Crosby. Welcome to my island.

Is what I would say if I believed in Christmas. And reincarnation. And cardigans.

In a bad season for Charger football and clavicle fans, this post is here to bring you some good news. Well, not really news, or even good for you, it's really a thinly disguised way of telling you how good my FF teams have been. They've been bloody good.

Against all odds, this rookie fantasist has steered all 3 teams to 9-5 records and the playoffs, with 2 teams making the championship game this weekend.*

All I really wanted to do this season was beat Wade and Wanko, who mocked my erratic draft performance. Well, look who's laughing now, Fat Boys**

Everything else, including still being alive in the Survivor pool since winning it in week 6, has been a bonus.***

So, how did your team fare? Not as good as mine I bet. You can tell me anyway. Who screwed you over? Do you think you can eke out a win in your 9th place playoff game?

Let me know in the comments, and have a great Christmas/holiday/Hanukkah/whatever the hell you people do.

If you drink, please don't drive. Or use heavy machinery. Or write silly letters to Dean Sapnos. Cheers.


* In Jinx World, I will now lose these games easily.

**. I have no idea if these guys are fat, but they might be.

***Additional subtle boast.

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