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Scott and BR Are Back And What It Means For Chargers Fans

With Scott and BR off the air for months we may have forgotten how our ears were once filled by the duo. Let's review.

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Today is the day, folks! XX1090 is out! And the Mighty 1090 is back!

The Mighty 1090 returns to San Diego's airwaves and part of this re-branding includes the re-introduction of the Scott and BR Show. Scott and BR return after a 10 month hiatus in which San Diego saw them reinvent themselves as TV personalities when the UT launched a television channel earlier this year. The television version of the show was so good that the executives for 1090 returned the program despite having fired them earlier this year.

What does this mean for the readers of a blog revolving around the San Diego Chargers? Let me detail it for you . . .

Chargers-centric Fan Rants

Scott and BR are well versed in Chargers talk. Despite Billy Ray Smith being a former Chargers linebacker and Scott Kaplan a kicker who was once cut by the Chargers the duo doesn't really do the Xs and Os of the game. But they do provide a forum for fans to voice their displeasure after brutal losses on Monday mornings. This can be a good thing. If you enjoy hearing fans call for the return of Marty Schottenheimer and Drew Brees, it's an awesome thing.

Moar Drew Brees

Who doesn't like a little Drew Brees in their life? With Scott and BR we'll get a heavy dose of Drew Brees news and we'll quickly come to remember that Brees is on Mr. Kaplan's speed dial. With Norv Turner most assuredly receiving a pink slip in two weeks and AJ Smith likely receiving his walking papers as well, we'll hear plenty of stories regarding how Brees was treated poorly by Smith as he left town in early 2006. Whether AJ Smith stays or goes, we'll hear these accounts regardless.

Commentary on the UT's Kevin Acee

Another highlight of the Scott and BR show was the regular insistence that UT beat writer Kevin Acee was AJ Smith's publicist. Now that Acee is a columnist and he has worked with Kaplan at the UT, I look forward to seeing the dynamic of this relationship play out.

Football Players Are Like Horses

Football players are like thoroughbred horses and so it is fitting that Scott Kaplan will focus copious amounts of airtime to discussions about the Del Mar Racetrack and the horses he owns through the Great Friends Stables. GREAT FRIENDS! I enjoy capitalism and cross promotion. Using the radio station to promote ancillary income is a fantastic idea. And let's not forget that the original shield for the Chargers displayed a horse.

Football Players Are Like Cyclists

Football players are like cyclists in that they are not. That sentence doesn't make sense does it? It doesn't matter. Wearing a protective cup in football is like straddling a bicycle seat. Scott Kaplan will bring back discussions centered around Chamois Creme.

Dancing With The Stars

There is dancing. There are stars. Not really. But there was Nancy O'Dell who once attempted to compete on the ABC program. Dancing dovetails nicely with discussion of Chargers football and Scott and BR will do their best to be an all inclusive entertainment show. Enjoy.

Closing Comments

Some of you may be wondering how a guy like Scott Kaplan got back on the air after being fired for the comments he made regarding the appearance of a female broadcaster/analyst. Stop wondering! It was funny! Jokes* people. Jokes!

I want to sincerely thank the good people running the new Mighty1090 for returning quality programming to San Diego's airwaves. Viva Chamois creme**!

*Except that he meant it.

** There's no doubt I've forgotten some of the great features of the Scott and BR show . . . share the glaring omissions in the comments section!