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Open Thread: Carolina Panthers at San Diego Chargers, Second Half

At halftime, the Panthers have a 24-0 lead over the Chargers and have been dominant.


That was about as bad of a half as I've seen as a fan of the San Diego Chargers.

The offense was terrible, including an unforced turnover by Philip Rivers and an injury to Ryan Mathews' shoulder bad enough to keep him out for the rest of the game. Ronnie Brown is already out with an injury, so the offense will have to make due with Jackie Battle and Curtis Brinkley as they try to come back.

The defense, which was fantastic against the Steelers, looks oddly similar to a wet paper bag. The Panthers are apparently confusing the coaches and players by doing the same thing they've been doing for a solid month now. Cam Newton has 194 passing yards and 1 TD after two quarter. Mike Tolbert has carried the ball 5 times and has scored 2 touchdowns.

A comeback now would be incredibly unlikely, but it's not impossible.