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Open Thread: Carolina Panthers at San Diego Chargers, First Half

The Panthers come in to San Diego to face in Chargers in a matchup of teams that have had disappointing seasons.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers and the Carolina Panthers have had very similar seasons. Both seem to be just playing out the games until their Head Coach gets fired at the end of the season. Both rely heavily, perhaps too much, on their Quarterback and both had a hard time winning games earlier in the season when the starting QB struggled. Cam Newton and Philip Rivers are playing better lately, but only one of them still has a (small) chance of making the playoffs.

You can tell that the Chargers, despite having more wins and still having a chance to be in the playoffs, aren't viewed as being any better than the Carolina Panthers if you look at the betting line on the game. A home team automatically gets a 3 point advantage, and the line on this game is still at just 3 points for the Chargers. Hopefully that leads to an exciting game.

The game is blacked out in Southern California, but you can listen to the Dial Global broadcast of the game on 1360AM or 105.3FM.