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Open Thread: Go Eagles! Beat the Bengals!

If the San Diego Chargers want to make it to the 2012 playoffs, one thing they need is losses by the Cincinnati Bengals. The Eagles have a chance to help San Diego with a win over the Bengals tonight.


Oh, I know nobody ever comments on these things, but this game actually MEANS SOMETHING to San Diego Chargers fans. If San Diego wants to squeak into the playoffs (which, at this point, seems just as good of a thing to root for as a #8 draft pick), they need the Bengals and Steelers to start losing games and fast. That can start tonight in Philadelphia.

Go Nick Foles! Do that thing you do! I've actually taken to calling Nick Foles "Sunshine" because he reminds me of this guy. So....GO SUNSHINE! Beat those Bengals.

Oh, Andy Reid too. If you're rooting for Reid to not end up as the next coach of the Chargers (which many are), you probably want to be rooting for him win out this season with Foles as his QB (then he can argue that Vick killed the season). Even more reason!