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San Diego Chargers vs Carolina Panthers: Blacked Out in Southern California

For the third straight home game, the San Diego Chargers will be blacked out in Southern California televisions when they face the Carolina Panthers.

Richard Heathcote

Not that it's a big surprise or anything, but the game on Sunday between the San Diego Chargers and the Carolina Panthers will be blacked out in Southern California. They only way you'll be able to follow every play of the game in Southern California will be via radio.

With the Charger's playoffs hopes looking bleak, facing a team that has no chance at the playoffs, and the fans of the Chargers not being big fans of the current coaching staff or front office administrators, it's no surprise that San Diegans are not buying the same amount of tickets that they once were.

Nearly 11,000 tickets still remain for the game and can still be purchased, but many Chargers fans have become content with following the game on the Red Zone Channel or on the radio until a better product is put on the field.

I believe how this works is that, since Fox has already dictated this as "football time" in San Diego, the fans in the local area will still get 2 games on Fox and 1 on CBS. That means that the late game in Southern California will either be the Bills/Seahawks (in Toronto) or the Lions/Cardinals.