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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: December 12, 2012

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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ReFo: Chargers @ Steelers, Week 14 - Steve Palazzolo
Cam Thomas had his best day as a pro as he picked up five QB hurries and a QB hit on his 21 pass rushes, and he added two stops on only five run snaps. On Roethlisberger’s lone interception of the day, he bull rushed left guard Maurkice Pouncey into the quarterback and, even though Thomas was unable to pick up the sack, he forced Roethlisberger to re-set in the pocket before throwing blindly into coverage for the turnover.

PFF Team of Week 14 - Khaled Eslayed
Cam Thomas, who played some nose tackle as well for the Chargers, had his best game as a pro, bullying the Steelers’ interior and walking away with six QB disruptions of his own. Back in a 3-4, Franklin excels the way San Diego are using him.

Week 14 Quick Reads - Vince Verhei
Danario Alexander: Different team, same game, similar story. First half: five targets, two receptions, 45 yards, including a 39-yard touchdown late in the second quarter. Second half: six targets, five receptions, 43 yards, one touchdown, two other first downs.

NFL: Week 14 knee-jerk reactions - Staff
No chance. Not going to happen. Unless the 5-8 Chargers somehow make the playoffs, Turner is on his way out. It was a nice win in Pittsburgh, but it won't change the bottom line.

32 Observations: Week 14 - Nathan Jahnke
San Diego Chargers: There have been only 17 times this season where a tight end has recorded multiple touchdowns. Dante Rosario is the only one with a three-touchdown game, which occurred in Week 2.

AFC West Stock Watch - Bill Williamson
This is the dilemma of rooting for a losing team in December. Do you still want your team to win when it can weaken its draft position? Going into Sunday’s win at Pittsburgh, the Chargers were on pace for the No. 6 pick. Now, they are on pace for the No. 9 pick. Victories are always great, but ...