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Do You Believe in Philip Rivers Again?

The worst season in Philip Rivers' career is almost over, but his recent performance may have changed the minds of some that were ready to give up on him earlier this year.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Gillette wants you, the fan, to vote on which NFL QB is leading the pack this season and why? The answer is obviously not Philip Rivers, who is having his worst season. However, that doesn't mean we can't analyze El Capitan's current situation.

For the first time this season, Philip Rivers has less than 3 turnovers in his last 3 games. He has two, as a matter of fact, and they both came against the Cincinnati Bengals. In the second half of the season, fans of the San Diego Chargers have seen Rivers get more conservative with his throws and take less chances.

I was one of those, half-way through the season, thinking that this may be a good time for the Bolts to trade Rivers for whatever they could get for him and start over at the QB position. These last three weeks have reminded me that, when he's not asked to carry the team on his back, Philip can be a very good QB that makes good decisions. He may not be Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers, but I've been reminded that he is still a viable piece to build a winning organization with (but not around).

If you thought, earlier this season, that it was time for the Chargers to find a way to move on from Rivers and start over fresh at QB, have you changed your mind? Has his recent "game manager" performances made you believe that he could be a winning QB again? Answers go in the comments section.