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Chargers-Jets Game Flexed Out of Sunday Night Football, Will Play Early

The San Diego Chargers and New York Jets will no longer play on Sunday Night Football in Week 16.

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

The San Diego Chargers and New York Jets will (hopefully) be playing a meaningful game in New Jersey in Week 16. However, with the chance that the game might mean nothing at all, NBC has replaced that matchup with a game in Seattle between the Seahawks and 49ers for what could be the NFC West division title.

Count me, and probably many of the Chargers, as thankful for this move. Now instead of playing a game at 8pm, where the temperatures could easily be below freezing by kickoff, they'll be playing at 1pm (Eastern) and get the most sunlight possible to warm the stadium. For a team that doesn't often play well in the cold, that's probably important.

To balance the schedule and give the late games some more action, a matchup in Baltimore between the Giants and Ravens has been moved from 1pm (Eastern) to 4:25 (Eastern).

Not that I'm counting on a playoff run from the Chargers, but the NFL making the conditions of a winnable game more favorable for San Diego can only be seen as good at this point.